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Secure Your Rights to Visitation with Your Child

Are you concerned that your ex may limit the time you are able to spend with your child? Turn to Harold T. Pickler Attorney At Law who will fight to get you the maximum visitation time so you can continue to have an active role in your child’s life. You can expect knowledgeable and compassionate legal counseling services.

If you or your child’s other parent has had a substantial changes in circumstances, let Harold T. Pickler Attorney At Law assist you in modifying your custody or visitation agreement. You’ll get strong the representation that's needed in such thorny family law issues.

Get your visitation schedule modifications

As a grandparent under Kansas law, you have the right to petition the court for visitation with your grandchild if you have been unreasonably denied access. Rely on Harold T. Pickler Attorney At Law’s 35 years of experience to help you present a convincing argument for your grandparent’s visitation lawsuit.

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visitation rights

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